What freelancing has taught me so far…

This post should probably bear the title “what working for a regional fashion magazine has taught me” but that’s just semantics. And since I’ve graduated from interning (for the summer at least), this is a legitimate lesson learned from freelancing. Seriously though, other than the immediate differences in readership and demographic, on the surface regional mags seem to do many of the same editorial things that national mags do.

But behind the scenes it’s completely different. In New York at national mags things are so easy. Step 1: flip through images on style.com, Step 2: decide what you want from each designer, Step 3: contact the designer or PR responsible for the designer, Step 4: have the looks messengered to the office or send an unassuming intern to hop, skip and jump all over Manhattan for you. In regional magazine land, much more online research is done, since we can’t just have items messengered 30 blocks. We arrange pulls from stores, contact corporate PR offices to make sure that arrangement is acceptable. And when necessary we buy things from department stores and return them. Then when writing credits we include all of the nearby locations where something can be found- boutiques, department stores, chains, etc. It’s about a 12-step process.

There are certainly strategies for working at both types of magazines, and I’m extremely grateful to have been given the opportunity to learn both of them before getting stuck in the clutch. I think that freelancing at a regional luxury magazine, like Indulge, will help me prepare for working at the larger, national titles. A little variety in experience never killed anyone, and in this case it’s been nothing but beneficial.

P.S. Be sure to check out my first freelance byline in the August issue of Indulge.


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