My life as a beauty aisle guinea pig

In the last eight days of my life I’ve completed two twenty page essays, gotten my first freelance styling assignment and run out of my trusty brown eyeshadow. Because I love testing out new beauty products I actually got a jolt of excitement when I realized I could no longer continue scraping the edges of my  Revlon trio eye shadow.

Enter Cover Girl Smoky Shadow Blast. We’ve seen the ads with Drew Barrymore, now it was time to put the product to the test. So I bought two: silver sky and bronze fire, just because I was feeling really optimistic. When I got home I rushed up to my bathroom and tried out bronze fire. The roller ball-shaped end (otherwise known as step 1) goes on really easily as long as you don’t twist it out like the eraser on a mechanical pencil. If you do that it could pop out and frustrate you. Next I tried the pointed end (otherwise known as step 2) and got really irritated really fast. DO NOT try to apply step 2 as it is, I did and failed miserably. I made life a little easier when playing with my other eye and used an eyeshadow brush to apply step 2 and was much happier with the result. The colors are fantastic together and I’m always more comfortable using an eyeshadow brush anyway.

I haven’t tried silver sky yet, but that’s because I’m so smitten with the colors in bronze fire, they’re perfect with this summer tan I’m working on in my spare time. 😉

Next I can’t wait to run out of my Cover Girl lip stain, because let’s be honest it’s a pretty disappointing lip stain. Also though because of Revlon’s new Just Bitten Lipstain + Balm. It sounds absolutely genius, especially since – chapstick lover that I am – I always slap on some chapstick after applying a lip stain anyway. How come I didn’t think of this sooner? Or maybe I already did.


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