More of Paris!

The Chambre Syndicale

Yesterday our group had the opportunity to visit the Ecole de la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture here in Paris. The school for aspiring couturiers was established in 1927 by a group of couturiers in order to instill perfection of the technique in its students.

Our group was met by Patrique, the school’s coordinator and styling professor, who gave a presentation on the cold, hard facts of the school and then answered our many questions before showing us around and letting us poke our heads in some of the classes and meet some students. The English speaking ones at least. I was really surprised to learn that even though this school is known for its rigorous design curriculum many and even most of the students are starting to veer toward the merchandising side of the industry. I also thought it was interesting that the gender ratio was favored females; in a class of 25 only three might be male, but Patrique mentioned that the men tend to advance farther than the women. Overall this was an intriguing visit, I really enjoyed my time poking around the school.


Louis Vuitton Museum

We were beyond privileged to be welcomed into Louis Vuitton’s former home to see the Louis Vuitton Museum. The house is beautiful, designed and built in the art nouvelle style. We were met by a woman with LVMH who welcomed us into the living room and told us about the history of Louis Vuitton and his trunks while we all sipped on the coffee graciously given to us. Then we went upstairs and watched a video about the manufacturing of Louis Vuitton handbags and the quality work done on the bags. It was a really inspiring video and made me want one of their handbags more than ever! After that we went into the museum and saw the evolution of the Louis Vuitton trunk. I say we were privileged to have this experience because the only people who get to see the inside of that estate are people in the LVMH corporation and press. The house only sees about 6,000 guests a year.


The YSL exhibit at Petit Palais
Go see this exhibit. Seriously. It is awe-inspiring. The exhibition shows 340 of YSL’s couture designs throughout his 40-year career. Our curator was phenomenal. Rachel McGinness, you would have been in heaven at this exhibition, I certainly was.


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  1. Ron Schmitz

    Really enjoy reading of your adventures. You will be able to write a book when you get back. Can’t wait to hear about London. We are looking at modifying our September trip to include some of the museums and shops you are seeing.

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