The Carrie Diaries (part deux)*

*This is in no way a spoiler!

I know I literally posted about The Carrie Diaries than 48 hours ago, but the book is a must-read for any true Sex and the City fan. I couldn’t put it down. The ending is a total cliffhanger and I’m already aching for the next book, which isn’t due out until April 2011.

Also, it now makes sense to me why Teen Vogue got to publish the excerpt. It really is a book written to a teenaged-girl audience, but for Carrie fans at heart. The next book may or may not be quite as teen appropriate, but this one is just coming-of-age enough to work for the high school-aged female. It’s like a teen magazine in adult-ish novel. It touches on a young girl’s anxieties about having sex, dealing with frenemies, applying to college, prom drama and finding your voice. It doesn’t deal too much in fashion (I anticipate the next one will delve more into that), but I really want to see the Carrie bag.

The books and this whole prequel business really makes me wonder: if these Carrie Diaries were published before the series was created, would Carrie’s family have had any role in the show? I’m sure Candace Bushnell purposefully chose names that had not been mentioned before so that there would be absolutely no confusion whatsoever.


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