The WSJ and me

I might just need to pinch myself, and here’s why. Earlier today the Wall Street Journal’s fashion/retail reporter Elizabeth Holmes contacted me about one of my blog posts. In April I wrote a little something up about H&M not being in Texas. Today that blog got me an interview with the WSJ for an article on the subject. I was interviewed along with H&M President Daniel Kulle and Chief Executive Karl-Johan Persson. Kinda cool. Here’s the graph with my opinion. I suppose I acted as the voice of the hoi polloi, but I really don’t care, because at the end of the day I was asked to comment for a WSJ article. Link to the full article (for those of you with a WSJ subscription) here.

Meanwhile, some shoppers are growing restless, especially as the company continues its budget-friendly collaborations with high-profile designers. Ashleigh Schmitz, a 21-year-old from Colleyville, Texas, says she admires H&M clothes in magazine spreads. “In Texas, we are dying for an H&M,” she wrote on her blog.

The story breaks some unfortunate news to us fashionable Texans on the verge of a fashiongasm if H&M were to break ground in our sun-friendly state: it’s just too damn hot down here. The article didn’t say it exactly like that, but our lack of any real season change (our two weeks of winter doesn’t really count) is why we have yet to see this product of Sweden. Le sigh.


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  1. Rebecca La Prade

    I must say that Texas has many more seasonal changes than Arizona. We are about to get our second 2 story H&M in Scottsdale. They are only about 15 maybe 20 minutes away from each other.

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