Senior collections

I really, really, really… wish I had taken my camera with me to the Baylor Fashion Show on Saturday.  For some reason I’ve been thinking that pictures would just magically appear to me, but they haven’t. At the show we saw swimsuits, day wear, work wear, etc. from all of the design students, and then we saw senior collections. These nine women are so incredibly talented, I’m so sure they’ll do great things!

One of the major trends I noticed the seniors really embracing was peplums. How feminine! They were seen extensively on jackets and skirts. I need to add peplums to my wardrobe immediately. Second to an extra flounce at the waistline was inspiration from bygone eras. One senior, Lindsey Haynes, found her inspiration in the 1940s, with specific attention paid to the military style from the musical South Pacific. Take a look!

I absolutely love this last gown, I personally think she perfectly captured the spirit and style of the 1940s and South Pacific. The tie details and tropical colors paired and subdued with cream really aid the collection in coming to life. Ms. Haynes used silk charmeuse, silk chiffon and silk voile combined with cotton sateen and finished most of the looks with french seams.

I promise as soon as I find images of other senior collections (I came upon these pics after extensive facebook creepiness). To keep you waiting “with breath that is baited” (tell me where that quote is from and you’ll earn major bonus points with me!) I’ll let you know that other senior collections feature lots of cowls in unconventional places, inspiration from London, an Alice in Wonderland inspired collection, inspiration from the 1940s and Christian Dior’s new look, and a few others.



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2 responses to “Senior collections

  1. Love the clothes! I wish I’d gone to the Baylor fashion show, that’s so legit that a student here made all that. I love the last dress too, and the white coat over the red one from the second picture.

  2. Let me guess…is the quote is from Sex and the City?

    I wish I had gone to the fashion show too, one of my good friends was one of the senior designers and some of our other friends were models.

    Really like your blog, I can see why the WSJ wanted to talk to you, you have a good eye and good insight!

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