‘The City’ & me

For the record I’ve never watched a single episode of ‘The Hills’ or ‘The City’ and I don’t even know what channel MTV is on my television. However, after seeing this preview courtesy of the Elle Fashion Blogs, I may need to change my ways.

My twitter was abuzz with people talking about Joe Zee being on the show that small parts of me regret not having been taken into the show’s trance. Well, I think I’m about to cave. Is it bad that I could care less about the characters most people in my demographic (college-aged female, not aspiring fashion mag editor) tune in for? I’m being attracted to the show because of Joe Zee and Kelly Cutrone. I don’t think so. Like any good journalist I investigated and found a previous trailer for this season and was a little disappointed because Joe and Kelly didn’t seem to have as big a role in the second trailer showed me. Let’s just say I’m still skeptical and tonight will just be a trial run as to whether or not I’ll become a loyal (however, not obsessed) viewer.

Tonight will host the first episode of the second season on MTV at 9:30 CT. The show is very lucky it doesn’t run during Glee, at least when it comes to my viewership. Here goes.


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