H&M + Texas = maybe, maybe not

So a Fashionista article today talked about why H&M has many locations in NY, San Francisco, Pittsburgh and Atlanta, but not in my home state. Texas. Pourquoi?

Fashionista predicts that H&M would do well in Austin, but that Dallas would be apt to get the retailer first. I beg to differ, while yes, the college-aged consumer would have a great time at an Austin H&M, Dallas would be a better place to open one not only because of a bigger market, but because of a market that is better for H&M in general. The market in Dallas consumes fashion and art as a lifestyle. In Texas, Austin is known as more of a granola city than a fashion city, Dallas, however, is a fashion city. H&M would do well to open a shop at Northpark, Highland Park Village or another high traffic, high volume location.

And for your information Fashionista, in Texas, we are dying for an H&M. If you can do something to change our situation, please help!!


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