SATC 2, Trailer #2

It took me a few days, ok a whole week, to get this up here. I must say that I like this trailer and hate it all at the same time. It gives us a deeper look at the new Carrie Bradshaw flick, but at the same time I feel like it spoils it a little. It sheds too much light. I’m almost sad I followed the link on my friend’s twitter. But that said: I totally saw Liza Minelli (it’s about time!) and Miley Cyrus (ugh…) and Aidan (ok, I already knew he was in there, but seriously, the last time we saw him he had a baby strapped to his gut). I about died of laughter in the scene with the four of them… Charlotte: “How are you going to swallow all of those?” (referring to a handful of pills) Samantha: “Have we met?”… bahahaha!! It’s just too bad it looks like Sex and (mostly another, but not enough of the New York) City. It’s fitting though, I’ll be in another city (Paris to be exact) when No. 2 goes out, so I guess it’s fitting… at least I won’t be in Waco (can I get an Amen?!).


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  1. Steph

    I like your blog!

    Can’t wait to see what you think of Paris…it was very different then what I expected!

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