My life as a journalista

My life of late has been completely involved in SING. Click this link if you aren’t familiar.

My NYFW article was (finally) published yesterday. Here is my story in full. Please enjoy and don’t hold too big a grudge because I didn’t review every day on here, I really wanted to!!

Next on my list of things to mention in this post is the ASME internship I’m agonizing over. I applied back in November and my fingers have been crossed every day. I was supposed to hear by February 15. If you’re decent at math, you know that was two weeks ago. They sent an e-mail telling me I need to hold my horses for just a little bit longer – until March 2 to be exact. As March 2 approaches I hold my breath every time I check my e-mail. This internship is a huge deal and could help determine my future. I really want to spend another summer interning in NY and making connections in the magazine biz. Basically more than anything. Ever.

Even though I know the status of my application will only be made known to me through e-mail I still find it cathartic to check the ASME website daily. Last week ASME elected Anna Wintour to the Magazine Editor’s Hall of Fame. Congratulations, you should be very proud. About the election and the fact that the picture of you is from your youth at American Vogue.


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