My sincerest apologies

… That I didn’t continue my coverage of NYFW. Rather than give you my list of obligations that didn’t include maintaining my blog (sad day!), I will provide a link to my article for The Baylor Lariat with my coverage of NYFW. It’s a pretty surface article since Waco, Texas is not the cultural center of the world. It will run on Wednesday. Not to fret, I’ll link ya!

Now, how about some late news? Evan Lysacek (my men’s figure skating crush since 2004, for the record) won Olympic gold. That is not news. Neither is the fact that Vera Wang designed his skating fashions this year. She also designed for the likes of Michelle Kwan and Nancy Kerrigan. The reason she’s so good at it? She used to skate herself, natch. I really just wanted an excuse to put up pictures of my long-time crush so that my BFF Cynthia isn’t the only one dealing with my antics anymore. (If the second picture doesn’t load, click on it, you should see it on another tab, sorry if this happens!)

These pictures are really just for eye candy, the fact that he’s a bad-ass figure skater is just the icing on top. This post is also to help my ego over the fact that all of my friends realized how attractive Evan is after he won Olympic gold. My point is that, Evan, I had eyes for you well before then.  *Sigh* I do love fashion.


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  1. C.S.P.

    I ❤ you Ashleigh! Great post 🙂

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