Jason Wu for Madame Alexander

It’s true. And I’m dying. They’re like the Lanvin dolls only they won’t cost you your first born.

I admit to having a dollcase in my room back home. It’s glass with three shelves and has a mirrored back. It sits perched atop my white heirloom dresser against the wall facing my bed. Some people might find that a little creepy, but  it’s just a part of my childhood. Inside of it I have several Madame Alexander dolls. I can picture them all, but naming them is a different story. I have Kurt from The Sound of Music collection, and one or two from Gone with the Wind. All of them are vintage and have watched me grow up at a distance. Then every time my dad would travel abroad for business (Ireland, Germany, once my mom went to Russia) I started adding to my doll collection with porcelain dolls. I think both doll collections were actually started by my grandmother, may she rest in peace. Anyway, I see no reason why these Jason Wu designs can’t be added to my doll case.

Blu Belle

16″ Blu Belle, a NeoCissy with blue eyes, a large, side-parted, blue Afro and black nails, wears a very chic black taffeta, dropped waist, mini dress. The bodice has a peach ribbon detail stitched to look like a corset and…an overlay of ruched, black net with white, flocked, mini polka dots. A strap of the netting extends over one shoulder and the pleated, mini- skirt of the dress has a matching overlay of the same net. Blu Belle’s ‘je ne sais quoi’ look is finished by nude pantyhose, orange vinyl, platform sandals accented by orange suede rosettes on the middle strap, silver rhinestone stud earrings and a lacy black eye mask that comes with sticky dots to adhere the mask to the face.

That’s the website description for Blu Belle. She’s $159.95 and sure to get along splendidly with all of my friends back home. Sometimes I wish I could look as fab as Blu Belle, she sure is gutsier than I am with her fashion. If I didn’t already have things on my birthday gift wait list, I would definitely start planting seeds for this bundle of fierce doll couture.

L’Enfant Terriblé

16″ L’Enfant Terriblé, a NeoCissy with green eyes, bright red hair in a side-parted ponytail and black nails, has an incredibly daring look. She’s presented here in an ensemble that combines a bra-top bodice with a black fishnet neckline and sleeves with a short black taffeta mini-skirt trimmed with black horsehair. Adding additional drama and finishing L’Enfant Terriblé’s look is silver rhinestone earrings, black undies with attached garters and black stockings, bright green open-toed booties that have platform heels and…a black feathered eye patch that is trimmed with jet caviar beads.

Again, web description. Also $159.95. L’Enfant seems like a toned down Lady Gaga (speaking of, I’d love to see a Lady Gaga Madame Alexander doll… just saying), so while there’s a chance I could muster the gall to dress like Blu, L’Enfant would forever sit in my doll case as a fantasy inspiration.  And on second thought, L’Enfant and Blu might be too much for my other dolls, starting their own high fashion clique and what not. Because we all know fashion can get a little Mean Girls every once in a while.


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