Eco fashion plus some red carpet catch-up

I can’t believe I haven’t posted since January 18th! Well, yes I can. My laptop was once again out of commission until the brainiacs at Baylor ITS could figure out why my software soulmate, InDesign, wasn’t reciprocating my affections. But alas it feels better than ever to have Moe (my macbook pro) back. And I also feel more behind on my fashion news – and posting! – than ever.

Now to visit the last TWO red carpets I missed for posting – the SAGs and the Grammys. I was otherwise engaged (that’s a buzz word, wait for it later on in this post) for those two events and had to catch up via E!’s Fashion Police. My favorite trend of the red carpet season, short/cap sleeves, has definitely been held up by the most glamorous of stars. Sandra Bullock was my hands down fav at the SAGs in Alexander McQueen. Runners up were Diane Kruger in Jason Wu and Kate Hudson in Emilio Pucci. The SAGs had a significantly better red carpet than the Globes.

At the Grammys, I’ll be honest, I haven’t quite caught up on all of Lady Gaga’s ensembles and I haven’t been over to my friend’s apartment to watch it on DVR yet. Expect both to happen. Until then let me talk about how much I loved Beyonce rocking the short/cap sleeve look in Stephane Rolland. Rhianna brought it out in couture… my jury’s still out on whether it was fantastic. It was couture. My runners up for the Grammy red carpet go to Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift – the country divas upped the ante with the geometric trend.

And lastly, one of my besties (you know who you are) is recently engaged. While the wedding is a good year and a half away, plans are very much being laid. Among the first decisions was to make the wedding completely eco-friendly. How rad is that?! Way rad. As a member of the wedding party I’ll get to wear Toms with my bridesmaid dress. Amen! That’s especially good to know when the tallest groomsman is 5’8″ and I’m 5’11″… Hearing about an eco-friendly wedding is so refreshing after seeing all the wedding shows on WEtv where tulle goes to die.


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