My favorite Michelle

Obama, of course!

I’m coming to you live from the D terminal of an airport in southern Florida because our flight back to DFW is delayed. Because of the inches of snow accumulating back home. That’s right, it’s snowing in Dallas and I’m missing it. But more on that later.

As I’m held captive (it sure feels like it) watching all the other departing planes successfully take off I check twitter (yay free wifi – making the wait worth it). InStyle updates and posts its link to Michelle Obama’s 10 best looks of 2009. I quickly follow the link wondering who in their right mind would try and pick only ten looks and calling them best. I only find issue with this because there are far more than ten standout looks. These are some of her looks that I wish could have made that list. So we’ll call them honorable mentions.

11. Naeem Khan, 11/25/2009

Ok, well we’re finally about to board here so rather than click save and delay this post I’m going to hit publish and let something happen in a timely manner. The Naeem Khan dress she wore (above) is probaby my favorite look of Mrs. O all year and it was (let’s give them the benefit of the doubt and say mistakenly) left out of InStyle’s top ten. For shame!

Here’s hoping all of this snow hasn’t melted before I touch ground back in Texas. *Cross fingers*


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  1. Yay for making it home. When are you going back to school? I’m going to drop by for rush.

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