Myself, conflicted (also: in Anna’s world)

As a Merry Christmas to myself I downloaded a copy of The September Issue. And believe me, it was about time. Knowing it’s been out for several months and not seeing it was agony. Damn Waco.

So as I was watching The September Issue last night I was thinking about how I had recently let my subscription to Vogue lapse (December 2009 is my last issue). I watched it wondering if I would find a reason to renew my subscription. Why watching a documentary on the making of an issue released more than two years ago would affect my decision to renew is beyond me, but as I watched I was a person divided. My decision to let the subscription lapse was based on the copy. The book’s writing had become bland and lost my interest. I actually really like the design of the magazine, and especially the editorial fashion spreads, most of them.

If The September Issue was going to convince me to renew my subscription, it did a great job. I’m not saying I’ve decided to renew, but because I love the editorial fashion spreads, the film could have changed my mind.

Enter Grace Coddington. After seeing her in the film, she is exactly who I want to be. It’s actually really funny that my two favorite magazine editors are her and Joe Zee since both are Creative Director for their magazines. It’s also probably no coincidence that my ultimate professional goal is to be Creative Director for a fashion magazine.

In The September Issue, Grace is fantastic. She is a real woman working at the most influential magazine. She wasn’t afraid to let audiences see her emote and react to the different bumps along the way to putting out the September 2007 Vogue. Everyone needs to be as productive as Grace. My new life goal, along with being Creative Director of a fashion magazine, is to be as much like Grace as possible. She has styled all of my favorite Vogue spreads. If I don’t stop typing about her soon this post could turn into a dissertation.

Yes, The September Issue is about Vogue and Anna Wintour, but I 100% agree without whoever reviewed it and said that Grace stole the show. She absolutely did. Audiences will go and see it to creep into Anna’s world, but they’ll come out wishing they had known more about Grace Coddington and wondering why there isn’t more buzz around her. But that’s how she likes it. And I like it too.


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  1. So I take it my advice worked? I’m glad you finally got a hold of the September Issue!

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