My luck with mascara

I’ve been in a finals-induced mini hibernation since Friday night (and haven’t looked at anything but my apparel textbook since 9 a.m. CST Sunday morning).

So you wouldn’t have known that my bad karma caused my mascara to bust last Thursday. And because finals throes my life into chaos, I couldn’t replace my mascara until Friday afternoon. This really has me wondering why I have such badluck with eyelash curlers/mascara…

Since I had no replacement tubes I decided to shop around at the drugstore. I went in knowing I wanted to try out the “beauty tubes” mascara that has gotten some press. I looked around and L’Oreal had one that I remember being advertised (like I said, finals-induced mini hibernation). So I bought it and decided to try it out.

It works like a charm. And since my eyelash curler broke the same day my motherboard crashed (probably the worst day of year for me because it was also the same day someone hit my car while I was at a coffee shop) I really wanted a mascara that would help a girl out. I was more than impressed. For the two weeks before I got a new eyelash curler this mascara made my miniscule eyelashes visible with the naked eye. I couldn’t wait to see what happened when I wore the beaty tubes after using an eyelash curler. Lookout, world! The results were fantastic. I approve this product.


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