Pint-sized and bushy-tailed; people need to chillax

All this heat young blogger Tavi Gevinson is getting for her top-notch column-writing gig at Harper’s Bazaar is really frustrating. People need to chillax! She has an interesting eye and has been recognized by designers that most people giving her all this crap won’t ever meet in their lifetime. In a Fashionista post today, the blog wrote up a newsy less-than-120-word post on her column in the new HB issue. When I checked in on it just a few minutes ago there were 21 comments, most anonymous. Of those 21 comments I can count on one hand all of the positive ones. She’s 13! Why do you all need to be tearing her apart? Start your own blog and post a link with your comment so we can see what kind of fashion journalism you’re up to. That’s what I thought.

What I wouldn’t give to have known what I wanted to write about when I was 13-years-old. I agree that once she enters high school and can take advantage of journalism classes, she should so in order to develop her voice even further. Once she’s able to get internships and a magazine job, she will dominate this industry. Watch out, Anna Wintour. I really think she’s motivating if nothing else. If I had known that I was smitten with fashion at such a young age I probably would have started a blog too. Isn’t that what Jane Aldridge did? Young talent and drive should not be met with such opposition! And for the people who don’t think she should be skipping school to attend fashion week events, what do you think the 15 and 16-year-old models do to be there? I know from writing a story on Ali Michael at the start of her career that they miss weeks at a time and manage just fine.


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