Stocking Stuffer Idea #2


Every day when I look down at my watch I resent how not white the originally white leather strap was when it was first acquired. My Betsey Johnson rhinestone heart watch has made my wrist cuter for a year and a half now. Not only that, but whenever I look down and see it I am instantly reminded of a few things: 1) it reminds me of my fabulous summer in NYC and the last day of my internship when I was my editor’s plus one to the Betsey 30th anniversary party (can you say best day of my life?!) and 2) it reminds me that even when I’m all-business there’s still a little whimsy in me.

For the last sevearl months to a year I have been looking to have the strap replaced, but since some of the rhinestones have fallen out also I’ve decided that altogether replacing the watch might be my smartest move. Pause for reaction. So I scoured the Betsey site and found the large gold round case with glitter dial and metallic strap watch. It spoke to me. Practical, but whimsical with a hint of diva; just what I’m looking for. Perfecto!

With the economy and all (and knowing in the back of my mind that all of my family finished shopping for Christmas gifts weeks ago) I realize that this watch is a little out of my league. I haven’t bought myself a gift yet though, so I expect to hit up eBay and Nordstrom Rack when finals are over. Only one more week!


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