“My Motherboard, My Self”

Let me start by saying I never thought that I would ever mirror Carrie Bradshaw exactly from an SATC episode. And if I ever thought I would be just like her, well, it wouldn’t have been from this particular episode. Last Thursday (12/3) my life was actually scripted straight from “My Motherboard, My Self.”

I wake up at 8:30 a.m. CST. I get ready for my aerobics final and check e-mail, facebook, twitter (the essentials) and get some phone numbers for various calls I have to make and then dash off to take my final. Afterward I run into some sorority sisters, get some coffee and stall before going back into the frigid Texas air (that’s not meant to be sarcastic, it was really cold!).

At about 11 a.m. CST I return to my apartment and immediately sit down at my desk and find my laptop shutdown. Weird. It happens occasionally, but is really rare. I turn it on, hear it making some sort of “working” noises, but nothing. I frantically call my computer-savvy dad and tell my story. I’m freaked because now I’m realizing that my final feature article for Magazine and Feature writing is due Friday at midnight (I’m on a deadline just like CB). All of my recorded interviews, notes from interviews and anything associated with the article are on the computer. And not on my USB. Well, shit.

Dressed for work (I was supposed to work 1-5… that didn’t happen) I drive my laptop and I over to Best Buy to get help from Geek Squad at 11:20 a.m. CST. After several of the longest minutes of my life the scrawny man with shaggy hair declares that my motherboard crashed. I didn’t really know what that meant, but with my SATC background I knew it wasn’t good. He tells me that backing up my hard drive will cost $99. Not right now, thanks. So I handed him my USB and had him move everything for my impending deadline onto my 4GB lifesaver and thanked him kindly (only a little less hysterical than I had been before).

I get back on campus at around 12:30 p.m. CST and decide that with my USB I can at least work on a campus computer until I can get on campus laptop help at 2. I get some lunch and run into another sorority sister who, after hearing my story, lets me borrow her laptop for the night so I can write this article and live to see Saturday. (Thanks Jenn!)

At 2 p.m. CST the laptop help people on campus say that they only back up hard drives for free if you live on campus. Does the world hate me today? I give them my thoughts on that policy and leave.

Now, four-ish days later I’m still alive, turned in a pretty amazing final feature article and am surviving on the generosity of friends that don’t use their laptops every waking minute (although, learning PC on the fly is no easy feat). Shoutout to my couldn’t-live-without-ya roommate, Teri!

My deadline has lapsed, but I will remain laptop-less until I go home after finals (middle of next week-ish) and can acquire a new one.  Until then, whatever fleeting time I have on a borrowed laptop (unless I decide to brave the library these next few days) will really conduct how often I’m able to get on here and blog. And let me tell you, not being able to blog makes one want to blog much much more.

In other much more exciting news I had a Christmas gift come a little early this year! My subscription to WWD started coming 11/23. Too bad we never check our mailbox because it was stuffed full today with the last two weeks’ worth of papers. On the brightside I have other ways to occupy my time than wasting away on Facebook (I won’t neglect twitter, it’s on my phone, thank God!).

Hooray for finals! (Not.)


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