Stocking stuffer idea #1

If it seems like I’m writing about Marie Claire alot, its just a coincidence.

One thing I love about the December issue of most magazines is all of the gift guides. I get so many great ideas from them! This time around Marie Claire is giving readers “101 Ideas” for the holidays. If my family weren’t a bunch of total early birds when it came time to Christmas shopping I would pass along this gem of an idea for me: the Michael Kors Very Hollywood solid perfume cocktail ring (wowza, that’s a mouthful). It’s one of the perfume ads with a palletable sample for readers to rub on themselves. And if that alone wasn’t enticement enough one of my profs wore it today (hey, Dr. D!), proudly showed it off to the class and let us all take a whiff. It was fantastic. Not to mention how hot it made her hand look. So anyway, this is my shoutout to any cousins who haven’t yet shopped for me. Stop looking and take note. You’d be my fave if I gt this for Christmas.


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