Heidi does Ann Taylor


I can not think of a better person to represent the Ann Taylor brand right now, than Heidi Klum.

Let me begin by saying that two and a half years ago when I started working for the Ann Taylor corporation (to clarify, I work at Ann Taylor LOFT, not AT), Ann Taylor was on its way to being as trend right and sophisticated as it is now, but back then I still thought of AT as being more old woman,  business-woman attire with matching pants and skirt suits. Now, though, AT has really fashionable clothes that at 20, I would love to own. And major players are hailing the current AT styles as at the top of their game. When the AT put its fall 2009 collection down the runway at New York fashion week in September, Joe Zee  made his thoughts known by tweeting his praises. I don’t think I’d ever been prouder to be a part of the Ann Taylor corporation than when I read that post.

So back to Heidi as the current face of my brand. She empitomizes what the brand stands for right now. Chic, stylish, fashion forward.


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