Teen Vogue, how I love you

When I get two seconds to myself, or when I decide that actually being awake during my 8am is optional, I read The Teen Vogue Handbook. Usually this happens late at night when I should be studying for my textiles class or transcribing interviews for an upcoming article deadline. But it’s only because this book is my new crack. Kidding. Really though, this is the kind of book that I always wanted to read, but could never find. I feel like it was written with me in mind.

As soon as my copy came in the mail (via my mom – thanks mom!), I zoomed in on the section all about editors. I wanted to know how they got there, what they do and  how they do it. And another part of me is totally panicked about whether or not I was doing what I needed to get my “in.” After practically holding my breath through that section I could rest a little easier knowing that all of the hard work I had already put into my resume and portfolio was going to pay off. In fact, I’ve already had more experience than some of the editors did when they got their first break. The next step is moving to New York. It’s only too bad that I still have another year before that can happen.

In the spirit of total honesty, I haven’t finished the book yet. Which is good and bad. Good because I still have something to look forward to (other than the constantly growing stack of magazines I have yet to read). Bad because maybe I shouldn’t be posting about the book until I’ve read it entirely…Oh, well!  All I can say is that this book is just another reason I’m such a loyal reader to Teen Vogue.


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